F1 22 mixes simulation and arcade racing with 40 supercar-based challenges

Formula 1 fans are going to have a busy summer this year, and we’re not saying that just because there are six Grand Prix weekends between mid-June and September. F1 22 release date is rushing towards us and F1 Manager 2022 release date is not far behind. However, if you’re looking forward to managing your tires rather than managing an entire Formula 1 team, you’ll be pleased to know that we know a bit more about how supercars are going to fit into things. F1 22 is getting a Pirelli Hot Laps mode and it seems like the perfect addition to a racing game packed with new features.

In F1 22, the Pirelli Hot Laps mode offers players a “selection of exciting challenges set in high-performance road cars”, according to the in-game menu screenshot shared by Racing enthusiasts. This outlet goes on to announce that there will be a total of 40 Pirelli Hot Laps challenges available at launch, all of which feature supercars from automakers represented in Formula 1 today – McLaren, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and more. Again.

At the moment, there will be five different types of challenges for players to tackle: Medium Speed ​​Zone, Drift, Checkpoint Challenge, Rival Duel, and Autocross. As the names suggest, players will try to maintain high speeds on tight city circuits, slide around corners with expert traction control, and beat time trials, among other goals.

There isn’t much information on F1 22 Pirelli hot laps – as Codemasters recently focused on new race weekend features and handling mechanics – but it looks like this mode allows F1 22 to dance the line between sim racing and arcade racing much more freely than in previous years.

The supercars available in F1 22 are all going to behave differently and it will be a new challenge for racing game players used to hitting the circuit in a Formula 1 car. However, there is no evidence that players will have the same level of control when it comes to car setup during these Pirelli Hot Laps challenges.

So… If you are looking for a sim racing experience, it might be best to stick with Formula 1 cars.

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