Who told you that you have to pay to know how the banks see you? This information is available and free . In this note I tell you how to access your credit history to know if you have unpaid debts, loans that you did not know, or have an excellent credit history and are the perfect candidate for any type of loan or credit.

Know your credit history

Know your credit history

Are you interested in knowing more? Do not stop reading! There is more than one way to know how banks see you.

The SBS website allows you to know your credit history updated and unlimited. To access you will only need your ID. Upon entering the home of the SBS website you will notice that there is a button called “ debt report ” when you click on it you will be able to, after filling in your data, access your full report. You have to have your ID at hand because you will be asked for your ubiquitous number and the date of issuance of your ID.

You can also access your debt report by filling in your information through the SBS application (SBS App).

Through the Sentinel website

Sentinel is a particular risk center , yes the one in charge of the dreaded Good Finance. Through this platform you can also know how banks see you. Sentinel will let you know if banks see you as a risk customer and you will also be able to know your payment history, which will let you know if you have collection risks.

Through E-money

Through our website you can also know if you are a candidate for loan, credit or if you have outstanding debts that take you away from that money you need to be lent. Just access the option ” Self-evaluate “, have your ID at hand and follow the steps and you will know how banks see you.

You have no more excuses to have a green credit history and be seen as an excellent customer! Self-evaluate now from our website.