Nokian launches a new range of winter tires for cars, SUVs and electric vehicles

As the inventor of the winter tyre, Nokian Tires aims to be predictable by design, in terms of safety and reliability. That’s what the Finnish tire maker aimed to infuse into its new range of non-studded Hakkapeliitta R5 winter tyres, which the tire maker debuted in a virtual global launch on January 26.

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“Our mission is to protect you and ensure that your journey is predictable every day of winter,” said Olli Seppälä, R&D manager at Nokian Tyres. “Although the weather can be unpredictable and dangerous, your tires shouldn’t be. Continuous improvement from one generation to the next is deeply rooted in our development philosophy. With the new Hakkapeliitta R5, we have particularly focused on superior winter grip and controlled handling, increasing ride comfort and minimizing environmental impact.

During the virtual launch event, Nokian launched its new Hakkapeliitta tire range, which includes the Hakkapeliitta R5 for passenger cars, the R5 SUV for SUVs and crossovers, and the R5 EV for electric vehicles. The Nokian team highlighted the range’s winter safety properties, which include ice grip, comfort and eco-driving characteristics thanks to a new design and tread compound as well as years of research.

“It has become predictable that Nokian Tires will develop tires that lead the market in safety, durability and innovation, and so it is fitting that this tire is about predictability,” said Steve Bourassa, Chief Product Officer. and prices for Nokian Tires North America. “The Hakkapeliitta R5 uses new technology and rigorous testing to provide riders with pure grip, pure comfort and environmental friendliness.”

According to Nokian, the Hakkapeliitta R5 required more than four years of R&D, from computer modeling to road testing, including in Arctic Lapland at Nokian’s White Hell test center in Ivalo, Finland, near the Arctic Circle.

“Roads and weather can vary significantly across North America,” Bourassa said. “The Hakkapeliitta R5 has the right characteristics to deal with these weather conditions. Snow squalls and slippery weather conditions are no match for this tyre.

Hakkapeliitta R5

Compared to its predecessor, the Hakkapeliitta R3, the R5 has an updated tread pattern and 40% more tread blocks in the shoulder and surrounding area. This means the tire has an increased contact patch with more rubber touching the surface to maintain better grip on slippery roads, the tire maker said. The tire also features a Double Block Grip design that starts in the center and splits in two as it moves towards the shoulder area to provide improved grip and handling. The main grooves on the tread help to efficiently eliminate water and slush between the tire and the road, the grooves opening from the center of the tire towards the shoulder area to clear a path and maintain grip reliable on muddy and wet roads.

According to Nokian, the tire also comes with a 10% increase in sipes. Dense, computer-optimized sipes work on ice, snow and bare roads to ensure grip remains secure even as the tire wears down. Self-locking 3D sipes press the tread blocks into contact with the road, improving cornering handling.

In its new Green Trace compound, the R5 has Arctic Grip Crystals, microscopic crystals blended into the tread compound that function as integrated lugs. These create sharp, tough edges inside the rubber. As the tire wears, the crystals emerge and activate the tire’s grip properties, Nokian explains. The tire’s Green Trace compound promotes excellent winter grip in all temperatures, better mileage and low rolling resistance. The high amount of natural rubber keeps the compound flexible in all conditions, and more than a third of the materials in the compound are renewable and recycled.

The R5 also comes with improved comfort characteristics through the use of Nokian’s Silent Touch technology, which gives the tire a more balanced tread block design. This helps eliminate distracting noise peaks that the human ear can distinguish from inside the vehicle, resulting in less interior noise and increased ride comfort, the tire maker said.

Additionally, the tire has 4.4% lower rolling resistance than its predecessor thanks to its new Green Trace compound, according to Nokian.

“When designing new tyres, the entire production process and product life cycle must take environmental factors into account,” said Katriina Markkula, Development Manager at Nokian Tyres. “Starting from the selection of materials, the new Hakkapeliitta R5 has been designed to leave a reduced carbon footprint. The new eco-friendly Green Trace compound provides a safe and green ride thanks to ingredients like natural rubber, recycled steel, plant-derived oils and pine resin. We are proud to say that a third of the new compound is made from renewable and recycled materials.

Hakkapeliitta R5 SUV

The Hakkapeliitta R5 SUV is equipped with the same safety and technology features as the passenger car model, while offering optimized stability, durability and wear resistance while handling high wheel loads, Nokian said. .

The R5 SUV tread compound is designed for SUV use and provides improved stability and durability. The stiff compound works over a wide temperature range to provide excellent wear resistance and provide secure grip and stable handling, Nokian said.

As with all its SUV products, Nokian Tires has integrated its strong aramid sidewalls into the Hakkapeliitta R5 SUV, which contains aramid fibers in the compound to make the tire more impact and cut resistant. The R5 SUV also features a strong body structure which further improves driving stability and durability.


Hakkapeliitta R5 EV

Developed with environmentally friendly technology, the Hakkapeliitta R5 EV provides the driver with comfort tailored to the vehicles they drive, says Nokian.

“Electric cars are quieter than traditional car models, making low road noise a matter of comfort. While designing the new Hakkapeliitta R5, we made huge progress with quiet driving features,” said Hannu Onnela, Senior Engineer at Nokian Tyres. “This is important, because we want drivers to experience serenity inside the car and minimize noise pollution in the environment.” and increased range for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Nokian said the noises EVs usually generate are caused by wind resistance or tires. When designing the Hakkapeliitta R5 EV, Nokian used its SilentDrive technology, which consists of a layer of acoustic foam on the inner tire liner. The acoustic foam absorbs resonance from the tire’s air cavity, reducing noise levels and increasing ride comfort, pushing ride comfort to the max.


Electric vehicles also typically have high horsepower ratings and weigh more than cars with internal combustion engines. To meet this demand, the Hakkapeliitta R5 EV features a stronger structure and reinforced tread profile with an extra amount of rubber to withstand high torque and high wheel loads, said Nokian.

Now available for North American dealerships to order for the upcoming winter tire season, the Hakkapeliitta R5 is available in 160 sizes that fit today’s high-volume cars and SUVs. The tire is available in 60 sizes for passenger cars and light trucks, 80 sizes for SUVs and 25 sizes for electric vehicles. All three products range from 14 to 22 inches. rim diameters, with Q, R and T speed ratings.

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